Life in Balance

Hi my name is Maureen McLain. 

I hope to have the honor of spending time with you.


Office is open Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
Early evening appointments are offered

If you or a loved one are suffering from feelings of helplessness, anxiety, anger, worthlessness, chronic irritation and frustration, or trauma of any sort, I will partner with you to heal the wounds that are causing these damaging feelings. 
counseling that is results oriented and compassionate, I will;

I hold no judgement on where you have been, what you have experienced, or where you 'should' be in life. I offer to team with you to identify life obstacles, determine what you would like to change, help define methods to achieve the change, and cheer you when the change happens. See Therapy With Maureen for a more complete description of the therapy process.



Explore the site. If interested in what I offer, call or email for a
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