Trauma Resources

Below are a list of links to organizations for adults, children, and families who have or are suffering from the results or a tragic, devastating or disastrous event.

National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN)
Common Responses to Trauma - and Coping Strategies - Great but simple resource for traumatized people and their loved ones.

Relaxation Exercises - It is difficult for traumatized individuals to simply relax, they need to learn to do so to relieve anxiety and fear.  The therapist at Counseling for Wholeness will teach you the practices that are recommended in this handout.

Treatments for Trauma - This article provides brief information on the types of therapy that have been found effective in the treatment of trauma.

Patience Press - is a GREAT resource site for military families containing stories to explain PTSD to children, spouses, the veteran, and extended family members. Free downloads.

Trauma Pages is David Baldwins award winning site that explains in detail the effect of PTSD on the brain. For those who have an interest in the details and research this is a great place to explore.

American Psychological Association's Trauma Psychology Division -  Division 56, the newest division of the APA, is focused solely on trauma psychology.

With help an individual and the family can move from surviving an event to thriving and reclaiming their life and future.